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arrogant4.jpgI don’t know why suddenly I would like to talk about this topic.

Many of us like to judge people based on their outside/appearance without knowing what in the inside. It’s like you’re “eating a dumplings (pau) without knowing its filling (inti)”.. another saying you get exclusively from me….What am I talking about??…lol

We must admit…Sometimes we’re saying someone is arrogant just because he /she is better than us..Am I right?? So the next time you’re being called such way…just ignore it…they’re just jealous of what you had (you are better than them). Don’t trust me?? Okay you see…have you ever heard beggar (pengemis) being called arrogant…no??yes??…Most of the time it’s the rich people we used to label as arrogant…just because he/she’s better than us…


Actually I don’t believe any “tall nose” people exist in this world (if there is, very few). The only thing that causing us to come out with such label is just because we fail to know the people…don’t dare to call someone arrogant before you put your effort knowing them…


Ooops, one exception…all these people are arrogant…lol


p/s: Is that “tall nose” phrase exist?? Correct me if I’m wrong…



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Earth Hour 2008

Okay guys..just switch off all the lights and “See the difference you can make”. That is the motto of this campaign actually. I cant wait to see the true beauty of the sky without the fake light polluting it. Then only we know “Ooo…that is moon, I never know it’s like that”


The following message is extracted from their official site..

Created to take a stand against the greatest threat our planet has ever faced, Earth Hour uses the simple action of turning off the lights for one hour to deliver a powerful message about the need for action on global warming.

This simple act has captured the hearts and minds of people all over the world. As a result, at 8pm March 29, 2008 millions of people in some of the world’s major capital cities, including Copenhagen, Toronto, Chicago, Melbourne, Brisbane and Tel Aviv will unite and switch off for Earth Hour.

p/s: so proud that my U is the only IPTA participated…(they say la…)


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Who Is This Guy????

Okay for the first post under this category.
Any comment?? Can you recgonize this guy?? Please do…


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Few things I learn from 3 years University life

Here are a few things that I learnt throughout the whole 3 years in universities. Most of it happens to all universities student I guess but I’m focusing particularly at my university, USM Engineering Campus…university.jpg

Friendship – Is something that comes occasionally. It depends on what are the things you’re doing. Sometimes you’ll get closed to this guy, sometimes you need to be friends with others. But there will be someone who will always get closed to us somehow or somewhat. True friends will be the one who guided you to a noble path…

Financial – is something important but most failed to organize it well. When the loan or scholarship comes in it will be spend . At the beginning of next semester everybody’s start complaining about how bad the management of JPA is. They fail to notice that the money given each semester is not to be finish in that particular semester even though they will face the same problem again and again. Never learn through their mistake.

Time – Donald Trump says “time is money” but student say time is like a “nasi” – you need to eat it otherwise it will go “basi”. “Muda sekali je beb!” So lets enjoy it while you can… I didn’t say this…most student do (but of course their own way la)

Assignment – Yeahh!!…where’s our source??…Erkkk… Jenal broke his leg (Jenal is a scorer in my class)… Who’s the new source. This one related to the next point..

Plagiarism Something you cannot avoid no matter how hard you try. Everybody’s doing it so you’ll be a little bit on the outside if you’re not doing it. Just imagine someone who’s copying all the assignments and not doing anything for the projects gets a higher grade…. No comment…

Love No comment…as I don’t involve much in this field of expertise…

Appearance – A saying “biar papa asal bergaya” certainly applies here. Everybody will compete each other to look good and up to dates (not all). They fail to notice the money they spent is just a loan, U need to pay back…with quite a high interest rate of course (not for JPA student).

Exam Something to be worried for but not to be work for. Every semester student will have a resolution “ I will study harder this semester” but in the end its just another resolution…. Most stress cases happens within this period of time..

Vacation Yeahh!!! This is what I’m waiting for. But why aa…. every time vacations never seems to be enough… 3 month passed. Waaa… semester already??? Feel like just wake up from one night sleep….

p/s: All the thing covered doesn’t have anything to do with someones whose still alive or still death…. All right reserved…All wronged revenge…

p/p/s: Sorry Jenal….Wish you a speedy recovery


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Bad ‘Day’mn…

Warning: this material contains high ammount of crap…

Why I feel like a piece of junk today??… It’s like I’m talking and nobody’s listening.. Start from my lecturer, my friends, all around me. It’s like I’m living in a glass “tempurung”.

This morning I’m driving down the empty street accelerating with a few drift around the corner.. No interruption what so ever cuz I’m leaving for Lecture Hall early (very early in fact 7.30 am) today for a little discussion for my 10 am presentation… Yeaahh..I found out something today..we need to switch on the light at LH manually…ahaha. Actually I’ve never been this early..never got a chance to switch on the light..

10 am….Hoping for my group to present early but no…Third last group to present…Group 4..And everybody’s like..ahhh boring. What adds to a much f****d up day, I suck big time during the presentation, not enough preparation I guess.

Next one come in… another assignment and this time round I need to do a little interview on a lecturer. Wait… Do lecturer has a free time for such thing… I’m not sure so I find it out myself… First one…knock2x…

Me:  Assalamualaikum Puan. Can u spare me a little time for interview?..5 minutes perhaps..

Lect.1: There’s another group already interviewing me earlier…so, sorry..

Me: Ok thank you. Sorry for the interruptions.

 There you go…1st target..mmm not so good so lets try another one..

Lect.2: I alredy has two interviews to day..Not anymore

And another one…

Lect3: Ahh malas la saya busy…

Me: Okay.TQ. (bleeding inside…)

Another one…??

Lect4: I’m not even has an engineering background. So, not a right target… (btw, my assignment is something about a professional engineer)


Tonight I’s preparing for tomorrows test which I hope will be an easy one…Even though it never comes true..

p/s: I’m listening to Daniel Powter’s  Bad Day while typing this…Yeah my theme song for today

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Mamak…The tarik “oney”



A very common phrase used among “Mamakians”..What is it about “mamak” stall that attract much…Is it a culture or perhaps a lifestyle?? you feel cool sitting at the road side? Spurring out some smoke, polluting the fresh, clean night air. Not for me I guess..but most people tends to enjoy themselves doing this.

So what is it about mamak stall that attract that much??. Nothing much actually..They just put a big screen broadcasting a live football match, wrestling…or movie and…mmm…Is that all??

Variety??..Price??..just go on listing it and you’ll keep finding a great alternative for such thing. Even if you go to your college’s café you can find that much variety with a very much cheaper price. But why mamak??…I don’t have the answer…subjective…I love to use this words in most of my writing…hahaha…forgive me if its annoy you..

I think one of the key to their success is attitude. How many of us Malaysian willing to invest their money (Not talking about few hundreds, I’m talking about 100 of thousand or maybe millions) for such thing as mamak stall…few??..None??…Well that is the thing needs to be change aside from few other bad attitude of Malaysian Bumi’s (lazy, time management,…I can stay up all night listing them all).Not criticizing, just being open as I admit myself cannot avoid such problems as well. We just have to admit defeat and work our shoulder towards achieving such glory our own way.


Another thing is they open their premises 24-7 which means, anytime you feel like you want to eat there’s always mamak around

the corner.

One thing that really suprises me is the fact that competitions doesn’t seems to affect their bussines…You see at most place, there

will be around two or three mamak’s nearby each other, sometimes side by side.


Think about it while having a glass of teh tarik…

So..what are your reason?? Feel free to share with me as I’m really curious…

p/s: “oney”= one


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Sleeping Bank



Is it a new bank in our it’s not…Not commercial name at all. People will just fall asleep hearing that name. Continue reading as I will explain this theory (from my POV). It is just a common sense actually. But I never heard of any terms used for this kind of problems so, I’m just using a sleeping bank cause its sound nice (Isn’t it). Is such theory exist?? As for me it does..

Back in my pre-university days (matriculation), most of student doesn’t care about anything other than study. For most of the student, staying up until very late night (early in the morning) has become a normal practice. But not for me I will say..I have tried an “experiment”..yeahh..sort of…where I stay awake until the morning with a little help of few glass of Nescafe. The next morning after subuh, you’ll definitely know what happens. It’s like I’ve been hit by some kind of KO punch inside the ring…The whole morning until afternoon that day was the most unproductive day…ever…due to this knockout punch . Yeaa…of course you need to pay back whatever you’re borrowing..and in this case, you’re not paying back the exact amount you’re borrowing…It might get a little bit growing due to interest rate I guess…haha..

But now in universities, people stay up for different reason…some doing assignment (copying to be exact), movies, football, just being open minded here-porn (not me obviously), and many more reason. Everybody knows the existence of this kind of stuff, it’s just that they fail to take notice the importance of it.

And as far as any bank is concern, interest rate must exist..of course…just the matter of how much the rates are depend on types of loan and which bank are you dealing with. In this natural sleeping bank, of course depends on types of person you are and lifestyle you’re going through.

Most of us nowadays are having a stressful and a very hectic lifestyle leading to a need of a very good night sleep. But most of us failed to give this to our body

So is it a a good thing loaning here…Its up to you to decide…Bak kata Nabil “Ahh lu pikir la sendiri” . So the next time you’re taking a loan from this sleeping bank, make sure that you’re capable of paying it back…on time…or else the interest rates will grew much ‘along’ stuff of course.

p/s: Its 2.00 am now while I’m typing this article. I just can’t close the damn eyes…


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