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Things about “Today”…


Today means tomorrow of yesterday,

Today is the yesterday of tomorrow,

Today bring me closer to tomorrow,

Makes me reminiscing the yesterday,-

Makes me regretting the failure of yesterday,

Makes me hoping for a better tomorrow,

Makes me wonder of what I’ve done yesterday,

What I can improve today,

What I can plan for tomorrow,

Today is a gift as tomorrow is not surely ours,

Today just might be our last…

Today makes me day older…

Bring me closer ‘back’ to You….our Almighty ALLAH S.W.T.



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yeahhh!!! finally my exam’s over….over to you Mr. IT (Industrial Training)…

Next week I’ll be starting my industrial training which will consume overall of my semester break…10 painfull week..with a labor amount of wages…RM 7 /day…yahh!!!…Me going to be the most underpaid slave of ‘that’ company…

Ok I’m going to enjoy my remaining 3 days of ‘holiday’mith my frens!!…….

what is this post???….

ok2… let me share something interesting. Mmm, not really interesting…WORRYING!! Judge it yourself…Me?? no comment..just follow this link


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Setiap orang perlukan kawan, teman, geng, orang-orang yang kita boleh berhubung.

Tapi apakah itu kawan?

Adakah geng warung kopi, kawan seperjuangan, kawan lepak, kawan-kawan sekolah?

atau kawan-kawan yang bersama kita semasa kita kecil?

Tiada prejudis, perbezaan, pertandingan dan persaingan.

Sehingga satu hari kita belajar untuk buka mata, dan kita nampak dunia bukan lagi sekadar hitam dan putih.

Tapi zaman sekarang ini nak buat kawan memang cepat, senang dan pantas. Tak perlu keluar rumah, bangun kerusi.

Tenung skrin komputer, ‘keletak, keletuk’ sahaja keyboard.

Boleh suka benda yang sama, tak suka pun tak apa.

kenal, tak kenal, belakang cerita.

risiko kita tanggung sendiri, kerana persahabatan adalah satu pengembaraan yang tidak boleh diduga.

-Quote from KAMI the series-

Really sorry because I’m not good at writing poetry or such…Just feel that the quote is very much related to this post…Just paste it here…



I started to realized how beautiful friendship is when I lost most of it…I mean the friendship. 21 years has past and yet I don’t really know who my real friend is?? Is Abu my friend or Rogayah, perhaps Ali, Joyah, Supri Sufian??….I just don’t know. I never had one that last for longer than 5 years??… mmm I guess.. (Call me mr. weirdo)

You…yeah you who’s reading this entry…Can we be considered as friends?… Never met, never talk each other, never know anything about each other.. OK whatever your answer is don’t tell me cause you’ll broke my heart. This friendship thingy is very complicated actually. No benchmark that have been set for one to declare that “hey you’re my friend”, and there’s no name tag or an ID card to justify “we are friends”.

What do we expect from this so called “friendship”. Everyone expect the very best out of their friendship. The only problem is they themselves fail to play their role. People always expect to get more benefit towards them in whatever thing they’re doing, that is natural human behavior. Friendship, relationship, sheep??…ha…ha.. and just about anything they will want more (self centered).

As for me, I don’t expect anything promising from my friends. I never expect them to told the truth every single time. That is almost impossible for us I’ll say… (only our prophet and “malaikat” are capable of doing that). It is okay (just okay….OK) for you to lie if it’s for good. I’m not encouraging people to be dishonest but we’re just a human being (just…). No matter how good you are, no matter how “alim kucing” you are don’t you tell me you never lie…

Ok…enough for now…though its sound like a bit hanging…I’m running out of ideas

p/s: why this few days I felt very “malas” to write??


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8 random facts about me..

Yeahh!!…I did manage to update my blog finally after almost a week. Just finish my first paper this morning…Quite confidence I can pull an ‘A’ this time round (NO..). It’s been a very busy week. Don’t have any idea what to blog so I’m answering this TAG by Saffa aka Nacissuslover. So I’m that black guy inside the picture…lol

The Rules

Link to your tagger and post these rules.

  1. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
  2. Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.
  3. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

So, here’s mine…

  • Here’s a story behind the words ‘e’ in my name Ahmad Yusrie as told by my dad. When you’re born, your parents need to go to Police station to make a report (during that time 1980’s). Most of the secretary that time was “Benggali” and you don’t need to fill any form what so ever. They will ask you all the things needed name, time you’re born, etc. and they will do all the writing or typing??. Now I’m stuck with this word ‘e’ forever thanks to Uncle Benggali. Kinda’ cool actually (unique).

Todays show is brough to you by letter…”e” -Sesame Street

  • A struggling third year Electrical Engineering student who’s not enjoying his moments. Some say I should do arts… But you know la..our parent…

“Art mane ade future”, Okay..Okay..Engineering is cool

  • I never ride a motorbike and not planning to do so. My dad had this accident when I was a baby (harsh one really) and he advice (not forcing) me not to ride…Instead he encourage me to use a car (yeah…Abahku yg cool).
  • Love my family (Mak, Abah, all…), Love a beautiful girl but fail to get any…*sigh*. I’m a “pemalu” guy OK…that explains it..
  • Loves to eat but never cook anything other than fried egg and instant noodle. My greatest achievement will be “Telur masak kicap”…lol but still it’s just a fried egg..
  • Good listener. I listen to all “rintihan hatimu”, persons happiness, “ceramah”, crap, rants, bullshit, just name it… Just the matter of listening ok I didn’t take it all.
  • Suck at handling pressure.
  • Love to talk to myself. Sometimes I do mimicking anything I see on TV, a character in drama/movie.

That’s about it….

p/s: I’m not tagging anyone…whoever interested just do it la…(malu la nak tag2 org..)


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I was busy preparing for my final exam actually, but because i feel the “need” of doing this, i sacrifice a few minutes for the post. This is a “Boycott Barangan Holland” campaign launched by few Muslims Society around the world (mmm…I guess). This is the action taken as a response to their short documentaries entitle “fitna” which published while ago.


This is that Geert Wilders guy…not like someone to be trusted to me…lol

With a billions of muslims consumers worldwide, it is more than enough to do some damage on their economic side. Show them what we muslims are made of…Lets do it…even it looks little…It really means something..(“ia masih sesuatu” kata bang mael dlm post “earth hour”nya..uhukuhuk)

These are the product…
(never though it was this much…)

  1. Dutch Lady – Susu
  2. Ferrero Roche – Coklat
  3. Wall’s – Ais Krim
  4. Ing -Insurans
  5. Planta -Magerin
  6. Lady’s Choice -Magerin
  7. Lipton -Teh
  8. Shell -Minyak
  9. Knorr -Perisa Makanan
  10. Dove -Mandian
  11. Sunlight -Magerin/Pencuci Pinggan
  12. Radiant -Deodoran
  13. Rexona -Deodoran
  14. Ponds -Produk Kecantikan
  15. Kieldsens -Coklat
  16. Slimfast -Produk Pelangsing
  17. Lego -Kismis
  18. Philips -Barangan Elektrik
  19. Duyvis -Makanan Ringan
  20. Gouda -Keju
  21. Robin -Pencuci Lantai/Pakaian
  22. Ariel -Pencuci Lantai/Pakaian
  23. Omo -Pencuci Lantai/Pakaian
  24. Labello -Lip Balm
  25. Pickwick -Teh
  26. Venz -Mentega Coklat
  27. Kinder Bueno -Coklat
  28. Unilever -Syarikat
  29. Dumex -Susu Tepung
  30. Nutricia -Susu Bayi
  31. Sunsilk -Shampoo
  32. Fair & Lovely -Produk Kecantikan
  33. Lux -Mandian
  34. Vaseline -Lip Balm
  35. Cif -Pencuci Lantai
  36. Surf -Pencuci Kain
  37. Wishbone -Pencuci Kain
  38. Doriana – Keju Krim
  39. Bertolli -Minyak Masak
  40. Clear -Shampoo
  41. Breeze -Pencuci Kain
  42. Sun -Pencuci Kain

p/s: this material is courtesy of PPIM (Muslims Consumers Society) website


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Exam is Around The Corner…



Yeah, yeah, I know it’s a lil’ bit boring stuff to talk about but I just can’t help it. Can’t help being nervous. I have the first paper this April 7th and yet, I’m not doing anything about it. I’m so not ready and I’m not doing anything to be ready.

I have face an exam for my previous 15 years of life, yet this butterfly didn’t find its way out of my stomach. Is there any kind of medicine to get rid of this butterfly?? I’m started to worrying much until I had a hard time to fall asleep and the next day I wake up damn late. Sometimes I cry inside the toilet (so not macho). To hell with the word macho cuz I’m not macho (hensem tu ade la). I’m not a kind of guy who can handle pressure well.

I don’t know why during this period of time, I really love to do something else other than study…lol. I think its normal isn’t it?? I guess this is the most productive time for me to do some graffiti or working on some portrait. I think I’m in the wrong course la… I’m supposed to do arts. No…engineering is cool (trying to convince myself).

Heyy, why I’m still writing?? “Do the damn revision you *$$#&*” said me inside. Okay pen off for now. Expect to see less of me for the next few days….I’m busy preparing for my final exam (kononnya).

p/s: wish me luck for the exam…I really need it


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