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I love Milk!!!

This post is dedicated to my new lover…milk!!

I’ve been regretting my past of not enjoying this “Heavenly beverage” so called “milk”.It’s not like my family couldn’t afford to buy. It’s me myself couldn’t afford to swallow this white little thing.It’s like I’m throwing something bad into my throat and it just cannot accept it.

But it’s never too late…now, milk has become my daily intake for the past few months. Once in the morning and once before going to bed. Did I feel any effect yet?? Any difference? I don’t know…all i know this thing really special…ever heard about river of milk in heaven…

So for those of you who never like milk, never enjoy it,…c’mon never too late!!

p/s: Beware all cows… I’m gonna getcha!!



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My confession:I’m a nerd..

Yes you heard it right…I’m labeling myself a nerd but the one with no glass like a nerd always pictured like. I’m so not interesting guy, used to be called anti-social during my school days, too choosy etcetera, etcetera.. . I couldn’t care long as I’m happy I can happily ignore those bad-smelled-mouth..

I drank milk every morning, every bedtime…never goes movie, I don’t hang out during the weekends. I have pretty much the same routine day in day out….going to the lecture, coming back…easier said “x de belok2 la, straight je”

In terms of relationship….ummm..let see….1,2,3…hey I can count the number of person who really close to me…does that mean I appreciate all my friends? (pathetic me)…actually I have a very few of them and none are the special one…So honestly, I’m not good socially…How to mix around at different, different occasions…I’m really suck at those..

Ohh yes, my inbox..I’ll let anyone read it…nothing interesting there…just some message from friends, family, “kata-kata hikmah”….etc. And at one point I’m able to gather my credit up to 200 bucks cuz I dont have anyone to call except my mum….

And one more thing…I never talk to a girl except for academics stuff only…ok, that wraps up my boring confession…nobody’s gonna read this I noe…”x kisahla” as long as I’m happy…I can write what I want…

Thats obout it…up to you now to decide…am I a nerd??

P/s:definition of nerd extracted from….

Nerd is a term often bearing a derogatory connotation or stereotype, that refers to a person who passionately pursues intellectual activities, esoteric knowledge, or other obscure interests that are age inappropriate rather than engaging in more social or popular activities. Therefore, a nerd is often excluded from physical activity and considered a loner by peers


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Stop it!!

this one goes to my friend who always shake his feet during the class…I’m pissed…cuz i feel the vibration when i sit next to him….

You move your feet to the beat

The beat that only you could listen to

But heyy…you’re shaking my chair…

Don’t you realize

My body were vibrating

to the beat that i don’t even…want to know

I know you feel the “heat”

But I’m feeling like s**t

My advice for you..

realize my existence…

and stop shaking the damn chair you idiot!!!


p/s: this is just a bullshit…


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I hate the ‘cameraman’..!!

I’m driving down the highway this evening, coming back to campus after spending a weekend at home. Looking at all those BMWs, Mercedes Benz, and co. bursting down the road past me by…I’m started to ‘jeling’ at the meter…It’s 110 and they overtake me just like that. This question came across my mind…Do they never got summons for over speeding?…or they’re paying the summons every month just like any other utility bills?..

Every time I’m started to accelerate some more, it will reminds me of the summons I got about a month ago…RM150 bucks…big deal!! and I’m receiving it just after i got this 7 stitches on my nose..huhh..double delight!!! s**t,%$#%#…..I’m like…cursing the policeman all the way back home then…every single type of cursing available in the back of my head comes out..x pasal2 aku wat dosa…Sooo…there goes my allowance for that month.

My question is…is there any double standard??…Do driving a big car gives you a license to over speed? My dad..driving a proton wira, already paid more than 5-10 summons already…Will he get that much amount of penalty if he’s driving a much expensive big car? I don’t know…

I’m not putting the blame on anyone…’cameraman’, all those dato’, or anyone….Just being curious… I really don’t mind if i got penalties for all my ‘wrong-doings’…but please make it clear that each and every single rule applies for all….Please be FAIR mr. Policeman….

p/s: This is just a “rintihan hati” one ordinary citizens…lol


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Am I wrong…

…for being quiet,

for being shy,

living on the outside,

for not being a center of attention,

to choose of being alone,


am I wrong??

for my existence without being appreciate,

for absence without being notice,

for lost without being seek


enough…enough for me…

knowing that Allah is watching..

angle is guiding…

I’m alone no more

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Lately I’ve been bugg with all this final year thingy….industrial training,final year project, report, proposal,presentation… and of course assignment(about to..)… huhh!!…I don’t even have time to shave…wait I second, I don’t need to…I’m not that kind of hairy

Ok, lets keep all those whining aside…It’s been a long time since i write a serious post.

Here it goes….

What, Where, When, Who, How….Everyday we will come to a point where we need to decide. What to wear, What to eat, and even going to toilet (which one is cleaner). But there is much more to pick than just that. Partners, friends, job, your future, and all those serious matter need a very deep consideration so you’ll not end up choosing the wrong one.

Some decision might takes you forever and another some may need just a split second. But sometimes this split second decision may affect you for the rest of your life…and on the other hand, the one that you think so dead important might be the other way round…

But what is this choice’s there for?? Why do we need to think before action taken?? Why don’t life’s just a straight path…no need to tire our thinker box. If you think it that way…just dig a seven feet deep hole…and take a straight path in. That is the place you belong!!

Sometimes human are destined to be success even without making the right decisions. That is called destiny or “takdir” usually said. But that is another story…Nobody can guaranteed us success so we really don’t know what we’ll end up being.

For Muslim…of course we have this prayer call “istikharah”…Even though me myself never done this…my bad. That why this statement “Islam is the way of life” is so, so valid. Everything is there, but sometimes we fail to notice and sometimes (actually most of the times) we feel “ahh malaslah…”

In the end of the day…It’s just a nature of human being….To be part of it, just bear with this thing so called “choice”…And make the right one of course…THINK!!

p/s: If I could turn back time…and undo all those wrong decisions I made……


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Things I love about July

It’s almost half way through July, but I’m still want to blog about it…These are a few things I love about a month so called July for the past few years….

1.New semester

I’m not happy for having to come back and study. It’s new batch coming in…yeahh time to “usha awek”…OK,ok I’m talking on behalf of my friends…Of course I’m not like that OK….

2.Football Transfer News

Or is it rumors to be exact?? Whatever…This is when all the tabloids, websites, blog started talking about this player going to this club and all that…This season, the one that pretty much talked about is Ronaldo transfer saga…I’m United fans OK!! So I’ll say this is all an utter bullshit….he isn’t going anywhere…he told me that (in my dreams)..lets go to tribalfootball, goal(dot)com, etc..Now who said guy never do a girl thing…GOSSIP!!

3. Prison Break

It’s a new season man..can’t wait for a new episodes…I’ve been a PB addict since a few years back..and during this month, they usually came out with a new season…For those who never heard of this series, you’re living in your dreams…c’mon everyone knows Prison Break…Is it true??44

4. Show me the money

New semester means we got lots of cash to be spent (JPA, PTPTpu, FAMA, etc)…I’m thinking of grabbing a PC this time around. My lappy has beome old, sometimes it couldn’t handle a few software I needed to use…MATLAB, what else??…., games of course..

What else huhh?? maybe later on the list will grow…


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