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Telcomunication War!!

I’m reading Cik F‘s blog and she gives me idea to blog…

Currently, there’s just 4 main providers in Malaysia namely Celcom, Maxis, Digi and U-Mobile but yet the competition among them is very, very stiff. All of them trying hard to win the customers attention.

Who’s the party with the most benefits?? Surely, it just got to be us users. Currently I’m relishing this war by enjoying the lowest rates ever the Teleco has to offer. I still remember during an early days when everyone’s really shy to use their phone because of a very high call/sms charges. 20 cents per sms?? Maybe up to RM1per min for a call??….and look at it now 1 cents per sms…Whoaa, that was real cheap and I really didn’t know if they can go any lower than that.

I’m using a Celcom U-pax with a few Ringgit of credit hours and like 4 years? of validity…Yes you’ve heard it right, 4 years..I’m surprise at first you know…When I check my ballance at that time..”RMXXX, valid until 13/11/2012,tariff plan U.O.X”…first thing on my mind, Celcom are going nuts…But hey it’s reallity…Celcom Blue offers you a 2 years of validity…

Another interesting fact about this war is in terms of advertising…I never ever see any other product did their promotion like the telecom. providers do…They keep on renewing their adverts like mothly basis, some weekly making it look real fresh and creative…I really loves their promo, most of them…But the problem with the ever changing promotion is that sometimes you’re lost…you didn’t even know how mush you need to pay for your usage cuz the rates keep on changing…But it’s okay for me cuz the rates is in a decreasing trend…

Now the competition has started becoming more and more complicated, confusing. You can change your Telcom. provider without changing the number??I’m going back last weekend and only then I can watch TV of course. There’s a few commercial….”017 are now Celcom” and then 012, 016, 018 and I’m started thinking what’s wrong with other’s…Going bankrupt or something?? Until I saw Digi’s adverts. “Bertukarlah ke Digi…Tapi saya tak nak hilang nombor saya..”

The problem is there’s no more identity for any specific brand…Maybe before, you knew 013 and 019 is Celcom’s own but now you never knew, it might be Digi or Maxis. Isn’t that enough confusing. Imagine you’re SMSing your friends thinking they’re using the same provider as you…Then you got shocked by the rates…”hey isn’t it suppost to be XX cent??” You never knew they have change…isn’t that a problem??

So, the conclusion is lets all move to Celcom…hehe

ps: Celcom should gives me some credit for this..

pss: love watching the Yellow man of DIGI..



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Study weak

It’s not a typo. Yea, yea..It suppose to be week rather than weak…but that just how i feel. Now is my supposedly study week and I’ll be having my final exam a week later.

This weak sensation only occur while holding a notes and anything academic related. But once I had my leisure time, gaming, watching movies and all that, the feeling will suddenly disappear. Yes all the feeling of tiredness, laziness and co is leaving my body like I’m just having a tonic or “tongkat ali”.

Just now, I’m holding my notes trying and hoping to do some studies but it ended up I’m posting an entry for my blog. Yeah it’s better than gaming of course but it doesn’t help at all for my exam.

Last word for today, for all whose having a test, final exam, presentation, job interview or anything related I wish a Good Luck and may Allah bless us in whatever thing’s we’re doing. Let’s prepare for the battle of our own.

p/s: I’m collecting some momentum to write further…


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Back for good


It’s been a while…a very looong while I’ve been away from blogging…I didn’t post anything for month..So I’ll say I’m not a “blogger tegar”. It’s not like I don’t want to update but the words won’t came out..I’m struggling actually to update a thing.

Sorry for not visiting ur guy’s blog, sorry for lying. I said I’l be away for a week but it’s a month now..I think It’s okay cuz nobody’s feeling hurt of my dissapearence.

There’s a few time I felt like stop blogging but my fingers won’t allow me to. But when I started to put it on his dance flow it just don’t dance as it usually do. Maybe due to an overdose of gaming recently that I’m leaving my blog a second best.

So I kept on writing. I want to store up some more memories for me to reminisce later on. By then I can proudly tell my grandchildren this is what your granddad is when he’s young…lol.

So keep on writing guys even though there’s nobody going to write it you’ll feel the satisfaction..


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