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Aku nak pukul MU haters!! Aku pon x paham why tiap kali aku tengok match MU kat mamak mesti ade geng yang dok provoke2 kat blakang lagi2 kalo MU kene…Korang x de club sendiri ke nak cheers..

Aku rase maybe ade satu lagi fanclub yg diorg tubuhkan “MU haters FC”…hhahaha…Tapi yg peliknye banyak tol mase diorang ni…Tiap2 match MU diorg ade…menyibok btol!! Nak kate diorg tu fan club yg lawan MU x bleh gak sbb diorg sentiasa ade mase MU main… Maybe diorg fan sume club except MU…(Berbaik sangka)

Tapi the best part is diorang ni yang selalu kene balik sebab kelab kesayangan aku tu selalu menang…hahaha

To MU haters, laugh all you can now cuz we’re always be the one having the last laugh!

Best club always win! Best of luck the rest…


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That is my current status. I can spend hours and hours to play with this little number game and those hours of play has made me a master of sudoku puzzle…bwahaha…NOT!!

Actually i really like a kind of game that helps my brain do a little thinking instead of having fun while letting your brain fall asleep. With sudoku, i experience just that…sometime my head just blow and i need to gather back the piece and start anew….(LIE!)

There’s only one solution for one puzzle and it is very easy to know whether you got it right or not. If you can solve it till the end without finding any intersection of numbers, then you are right. Easy..

A little trivia. The puzzle was introduced in Japan by Nikoli in the paper Monthly Nikolist in April 1984 as Suuji wa dokushin ni kagiru, which can be translated as “the digits must be single” or “the digits are limited to one occurrence.

Lets join the club and oh yeahh, lets make the last push for Lailatul-Qadr this last couple of days of ramadhan…

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Wish those days doesn’t end


We always ignore something when we have it in our hand and always regret once we’re part from that thing. That is part of life.

I’ve been regretting my past two and a half months because i didn’t really enjoy the moments to the fullest. Now, i miss it all badly. I miss my Infinity Events Consulting family, I miss you guys, I miss it when we sing together in a class, buat bising sampai dengar kat secretariat, I mis it all.

Last two and a half month has been wonderful experience. But it is not enough for me. I’m a kind of guy who takes time to gel with people but once we reach the same wavelength i’ll really appreciate the friendship.

To all my friends, Good Luck on your Training. Please do well and secure a job, That’s our job.

~Happy Hunting Lailatul-Qadr

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Me after 3,4 Months?

It has becoming my blogging habits… I’ll be blogging like hell for 1,2 month and dissapear for another 3 to 4.. What to do… i’ll lose my appetite if i don’t have a stable internet connection

Back to the topic what happening this past few months?

I have finish my study at USM yeah finally…But hey, its not something to be so happy about since i’m still jobless till now…That was me on my convocation day…kacak kan??…hhahaha


An another one, I have just finish my GEMS program, It’s a two and a half months program….Yeah it’s a hell lot of fun to the extend of i don’t wanna go back…lol. If you’re degree holder and still jobless it is a real nice program to participate in…JOM!


Oh yeah almost forgot, I’ll be doing my on job training at Boustead Naval Shipyard after this raya, September 28th to be exact…Wish me luck!!

That’s it…aku malas menulis…


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