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Am I wrong…

…for being quiet,

for being shy,

living on the outside,

for not being a center of attention,

to choose of being alone,


am I wrong??

for my existence without being appreciate,

for absence without being notice,

for lost without being seek


enough…enough for me…

knowing that Allah is watching..

angle is guiding…

I’m alone no more

p/s: reduce, reuse and recycle if you know what i mean..


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It’s been a while (very cliche)
I dont feel like updating but looking at how a few friends of mine goin really inspire me to write back. Maybe some of you might be wondering where have i been for the past few months.

Actually it has been a very hectic period for me. I’m adjusting myself to a completely new environment of you dont need to know where. It’s hot sometimes, sometimes it’s getting too cold like you’re living in a freezer. But that’s part of your journey.

The reason why i’m writing this short entry is just to inform you that this blog is no longer in service. I’ll be moving to somewhere i’ll tell you later, but i’ll never stop. No worries, okay i know nobody’s going to worry. I’ll inform once my new home ready for a visit. Till then, buy buy…

p/s: officially, i’m blogging during office hour, how bout that!

*updated: dec 26.

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