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I wana, I wanna,…

Huhu bukan lagu All American Reject tapi aku mau beg ini. Ade sesape mau belikan? Aku tengok kat sini harga dia RM 183. Ade sesiapa yg boleh offer harga lg best gitau aku eh.



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Working on a Saturday morning, sandwiched between holiday is really killing me.

Hi again. It’s me, back writing. I’ve told ya before I’ll never stop writing its just a matter of disappearing from time to time. Oh yea my intention of moving away has to hold for a  little while. My 2010 Budget not approved yet.

I came across this stats just a moment ago and it’s freaking me out for what reason i don’t know.

It’s not a healthy phenomenon at all. Imagine you spent long hours of your day working, schools, classes, etc. and came home only to waste it in front of pc, lappy? Where’s the quality time for you to spent with family, friends, outdoor activities?

“It’s all about f******k” that’s what certain people will say if u asked about their internet usage. Come on my friend, internet is something really vast for you to explore, anything under the sun, you name it. Don’t limit yourself to this tiny portion of it. Internet is a knowledge mill if you use it the right way.

I admit F******k is really a hell big community, (approximately 2.6 mil in Malaysia alone as per Sept. 2009) but there isn’t much thing to offer bar the hiburan, craps, rants, gossips, games and all those “hu-ha” thingy.

I’m a social freak I found f******k, f********r, m*****e and co. are really a bad phenomenon to hit our society. You could spent hours of your time without much of things beneficial, it’s tottaly a waste.

So let’s start a campaign of “Social Network: R.I.P.”. I have an account myself and i’m thinking of deleting in in a few days time. Let’s untangle this chains that keeps us locked in some kind of underworld for years.

Go out, get some fresh air, Feel the sensation…

Live free, Live healthy, leave F******k.

Blogging is far Better than F******king.

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