What’s the other side you?

Are you an Ultraman or a teletubies without people know it?? Got some hidden power inside you like one of the Heroes character??. You’re a wild person behind those ‘hijjab’ or ‘kopiah’??

There’s always something that we kept to our self due to our own reason. In life we cannot expect people to be honest all the time. There must be something they’re hiding within themselves.

Someone who looks macho outside might be the same person who cannot sleep without his teddy bear. What about a Kit-Kat commercial, a very tough, muscular looking guy afraid of a cockroach?..lol

Just about everyone has someone else inside them whether it is good or bad one  and you cannot blame them as you, yourself are facing the  same conflict. It is normal, people tends to behave according to situation. You can’t expect them to be this way or that.

Some might pronounce it as “identity conflict” as a person struggles to find the real way how they should be, who they should be. Some might say, It’s hypocrite where you’re acting all so noble while being so devil inside. That is a different story.

Are you a kind of person who always be yourself? If so, I congratulates you because you’re one of the kind that still breathing.


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  1. yang penting i bukan sweet talker,manis muka ngan suma org…tapi hati penuh hasad n ketidakpuasan hati…huhu

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