Born in Wednesday, November 12th 1986 (9 Rabiul Awwal 1407), so obviously I’m a Scorpio guy… I was given a name of Ahmad Yusrie Bin Sabri. Kluang , Johor was my the place I was born …on my grandma’s pillow to be exact..(ahahh..very impatience of me). So if my calculation is right, I am 21 years of age. I was raised in a family of moderate but a very peaceful one (I am grateful for that). I’m the 2nd from 5 siblings..So far my life has been a straight forward one..not much twist and turn in it…I’m just going on with the flow…but its great Isn’t it??..Having a quiet and peaceful life.

I’m not a popular figure in school, nor college and during my school days a lot of friends used to calling me “skema”.. Actually I don’t give a damn of what they say, As long as I’m happy..to hell what they say… It’s like you’re soo cool, huhh?? Where are you guys now??… Hopefully you’re successful person now….no grudge, no heart feelings what so ever..

I have to admit, nothing much special about me, but I was bless with a “youthfulness”, un”matured” look hahaha…(Maybe that’s why I was called “Endud”(wtf), skema…)… They’re jealous of me or what??…

Want to know the secret?? It is down to my name itself..YUSRIE (thanks to my ‘FAMA’) and most of my friends and family used to call me YUS…which has almost the similar pronunciation as “YOUTH”. Ever heard about “What people call you is a ‘doa’?” . Hahaha just the unproven theory of mine..Don’t take it seriously, but you’re welcomed to used that name to your son/future son…I’ll be very pleased..

Here’s a few more value you need to know about me..


Get bored in no time…except for this..I hope so, Love to leave love, Very easy to be influenced, love the concept of multi tasking because I’m doing it most of the time as I cannot focus in just one thing at time, Looove…to do work in last minute (typical Malaysian),


Curios?? As curiosity has kill many cats around..I’m not killed yet cause I’m not a cat..thank God. I’m a very naïve person had to admit, think about what others will say first even I have to sacrifice my own happiness, don’t like to be a public figure (It sucks), Hard to find anymore…maybe latter on you’ll find out more….

Enough about myself, lets move on to this site. I’m just a learner in this blogging world. I have done this few years back..but maybe lacking a bit of patience, I stop there. I’m little bit ‘malas’ to update my blog and it has left untouched since then..And now… this new site represents my new spirit to give it another shot..

I dont have any specific interest in writing . So, I’m just write anything and everything under the sun. Anything that came across my mind will be transfered here (most)…

Thats about it…If you’re reading up to this point…Thank You..

p/s: ‘FAMA’=father and mother, ‘malas’=lazy


10 responses to “About

  1. hohoho! Give another shot dude! Nice to know ya’! 🙂

  2. hahahah! gotcha!… =)

  3. i am jane

    ehem2. yus =youth ? 🙂

  4. uuu owang johor..johorian….

  5. yess johorian…in blood..migrated to perak…but still…kite org malaysia…

  6. kind of close.. i was born on Nov 18th 86. haha.. ;D

  7. yeaa ka…so i’m your bro by 6 days 😉

  8. jazziqalicious

    oh i luv skema dude :”> haha

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