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I hate ciggars

I live in a circle of smokers and yes it annoys me big time but I’m not that expressive kind of person, so I just let them be.

Smoking is not cool regardless of how you’re looking at it. It is just one silly act to fasten you meeting with “Izrail”.

Name me one place where you can’t find this “legal thing that kills”? None. It is everywhere. Gov. spent millions on a campaign, yet, it is still the best seller everywhere across Malaysia.

Why is this happening? What else need  to be done to stop people from smoke. Increasing the price has a very little effect as all this smokers is among the ‘rich’ people. Imagine They can spend hundreds/thousands per month just to channel the smoke through their lungs, keep some and throw out some afterward.

The funny thing is that they kept on complaining about the price increase of the consumer products. At the same time they happily splash their cash for this “lethal killer” as if it doesn’t cost them a penny.

Yeahh!! Lets burn them

Why don’t the Government just state it loud and clear “MEROKOK DIHARAMKAN DALAM ISLAM”. Tv commercial maybe? Instead of “Tak Nak”– ade orang atasan yg akan tersedak dengan asap rokok, maybe.

We’re living in the age of science and technology. You don’t need to be a professor or doctor to realize the effect of this “silent killer“. It is shown everywhere, even on the cigarette box itself.

So what’s your fatwa to say that “merokok tu harus/makruh”. It’s very obvious, anything that harmful for your body is considered haram in Islam.

Dan janganlah kamu mencampakkan dirimu sendiri dalam kebinasaan. (Al-Baqarah: 195)

I think it is good that the price of this thing keep on increasing. At least it contributes to countries earning (Tax). But I doubt, whether the money obtain from cigarette tax halal?

Happy smoking, smokers!


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Random Post

Working on a Saturday morning, sandwiched between holiday is really killing me.

Hi again. It’s me, back writing. I’ve told ya before I’ll never stop writing its just a matter of disappearing from time to time. Oh yea my intention of moving away has to hold for a  little while. My 2010 Budget not approved yet.

I came across this stats just a moment ago and it’s freaking me out for what reason i don’t know.

It’s not a healthy phenomenon at all. Imagine you spent long hours of your day working, schools, classes, etc. and came home only to waste it in front of pc, lappy? Where’s the quality time for you to spent with family, friends, outdoor activities?

“It’s all about f******k” that’s what certain people will say if u asked about their internet usage. Come on my friend, internet is something really vast for you to explore, anything under the sun, you name it. Don’t limit yourself to this tiny portion of it. Internet is a knowledge mill if you use it the right way.

I admit F******k is really a hell big community, (approximately 2.6 mil in Malaysia alone as per Sept. 2009) but there isn’t much thing to offer bar the hiburan, craps, rants, gossips, games and all those “hu-ha” thingy.

I’m a social freak I found f******k, f********r, m*****e and co. are really a bad phenomenon to hit our society. You could spent hours of your time without much of things beneficial, it’s tottaly a waste.

So let’s start a campaign of “Social Network: R.I.P.”. I have an account myself and i’m thinking of deleting in in a few days time. Let’s untangle this chains that keeps us locked in some kind of underworld for years.

Go out, get some fresh air, Feel the sensation…

Live free, Live healthy, leave F******k.

Blogging is far Better than F******king.

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Though it sounds cliche, feel like its been a long time since i force my brain to work for a new post. Actually nothing interesting happening to me this week aside from all those, again a cliche…test, assignment, project thing, bla, bla, bla…

earth hour

Huhh, no need for me to membebel much regarding Earth Hour 2009 that is happening tonight 8.30 pm. You can read it everywhere, everybody’s posting something bout this Earth Hour thingy… It’s up to you, if you feel you’re part of it then just do it. If you keep on asking, “Hey, what’s this small act can contribute?” then again it’s up to you…

Think about it again people tend to turn their attention towards something big but fail to notice the importance of something small call effort… Effort doesn’t need to be big but it is still something…

When I voice out my opinion supporting a Boycott campaign, people start questioning “Berapa sen sangat la sumbangan ko tu…?”

When your hand want to put something on a donation box, Mr. Syaitannirrajim mula berbisik “Elehh, sikit macam tu tak yah derma x pe, baik buat duit makan tengah hari ko”…

My friend, Allah does not judge on how big your contribution is, but your sincerity… so let it be small but benificial.

Remember this concept “E&E”… It’s effect and effort…The later one is much more important. How much you work for something(effort), not how the end product will look like(effect). We human can only put our best effort, but in the end, it is Allah to decide whether it’ll be successful or not…


Don’t afraid of being small, never hesitate to work on something small, and don’t ever ignore something small because, it is something…and can be proved to be really something…

So, let us start putting our best in everything we do. Stop moaning, stop questioning regarding this Big and Small matters… It won’t solve a thing but this small thing can…EFFORT

p/s: Hey, penamaan calon Parliment Bukit Gantang it’s today isn’t it? Good luck  to Mr. Nizar for this upcoming election…. wait, do i sound obvious? lol…who cares? freedom of speech!

p/p/s: Why do i love to write on Saturday morning… Adakah aku seorang yg tiada life? Ya, betul…


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I was busy preparing for my final exam actually, but because i feel the “need” of doing this, i sacrifice a few minutes for the post. This is a “Boycott Barangan Holland” campaign launched by few Muslims Society around the world (mmm…I guess). This is the action taken as a response to their short documentaries entitle “fitna” which published while ago.


This is that Geert Wilders guy…not like someone to be trusted to me…lol

With a billions of muslims consumers worldwide, it is more than enough to do some damage on their economic side. Show them what we muslims are made of…Lets do it…even it looks little…It really means something..(“ia masih sesuatu” kata bang mael dlm post “earth hour”nya..uhukuhuk)

These are the product…
(never though it was this much…)

  1. Dutch Lady – Susu
  2. Ferrero Roche – Coklat
  3. Wall’s – Ais Krim
  4. Ing -Insurans
  5. Planta -Magerin
  6. Lady’s Choice -Magerin
  7. Lipton -Teh
  8. Shell -Minyak
  9. Knorr -Perisa Makanan
  10. Dove -Mandian
  11. Sunlight -Magerin/Pencuci Pinggan
  12. Radiant -Deodoran
  13. Rexona -Deodoran
  14. Ponds -Produk Kecantikan
  15. Kieldsens -Coklat
  16. Slimfast -Produk Pelangsing
  17. Lego -Kismis
  18. Philips -Barangan Elektrik
  19. Duyvis -Makanan Ringan
  20. Gouda -Keju
  21. Robin -Pencuci Lantai/Pakaian
  22. Ariel -Pencuci Lantai/Pakaian
  23. Omo -Pencuci Lantai/Pakaian
  24. Labello -Lip Balm
  25. Pickwick -Teh
  26. Venz -Mentega Coklat
  27. Kinder Bueno -Coklat
  28. Unilever -Syarikat
  29. Dumex -Susu Tepung
  30. Nutricia -Susu Bayi
  31. Sunsilk -Shampoo
  32. Fair & Lovely -Produk Kecantikan
  33. Lux -Mandian
  34. Vaseline -Lip Balm
  35. Cif -Pencuci Lantai
  36. Surf -Pencuci Kain
  37. Wishbone -Pencuci Kain
  38. Doriana – Keju Krim
  39. Bertolli -Minyak Masak
  40. Clear -Shampoo
  41. Breeze -Pencuci Kain
  42. Sun -Pencuci Kain

p/s: this material is courtesy of PPIM (Muslims Consumers Society) website


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Earth Hour 2008

Okay guys..just switch off all the lights and “See the difference you can make”. That is the motto of this campaign actually. I cant wait to see the true beauty of the sky without the fake light polluting it. Then only we know “Ooo…that is moon, I never know it’s like that”


The following message is extracted from their official site..

Created to take a stand against the greatest threat our planet has ever faced, Earth Hour uses the simple action of turning off the lights for one hour to deliver a powerful message about the need for action on global warming.

This simple act has captured the hearts and minds of people all over the world. As a result, at 8pm March 29, 2008 millions of people in some of the world’s major capital cities, including Copenhagen, Toronto, Chicago, Melbourne, Brisbane and Tel Aviv will unite and switch off for Earth Hour.

p/s: so proud that my U is the only IPTA participated…(they say la…)


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