Just a few link I would like to share…



Well, as it names suggest…basically it’s about football world..What’s going on, transfer news (rumors to be exact) and many more interesting news….What I like about this site is the fact that they updated this site few times a day. So you’ll never get bored reading the same material over and over. Besides, it covers the news from all top European league from English, Spain to Italy. So every day, I will have my daily dose of tribalfootball even though only few of them are to be trusted.



Doesn’t need much of introduction I think..Wikipedia serves readers with almost all kind of stuff available under the sun. What makes it interesting is that user can edit the content of the site by using a few step provided. So, this is a very good source either for your project or assignment.

p/s: as most of the items were contribute by the internet users, not all the material wikipedia can be trusted 100% (esp. bout religious matters)



I love doing a graffiti and this is one of my favorite site. They serves the readers with a all the basic things in doing a graffiti. Many of things can be learn here alphabets, coloring, styling and etc… So, for those of you who wants to start, this site will come handy. Go check it out!!

p/s: If you want me to link to your site, just let me know, no terms and condition, no hidden charge (bkan ade sape bace blog aku pon)….


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  1. i just put it in the blogroll…thank you 2

  2. Care to link me..??
    I found ur blog is interesting..

  3. hellafrenzy

    i notice my link is already on your blogroll,,,tanx!!!
    i’ve put urs in mine!!

  4. arshad-thanks dude
    hellafrenzy- ahah thank u 2

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    i will link ur URL to my blog too….

  6. ya.. can u link me too to ur blog.. ty…haha

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