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I hate ciggars

I live in a circle of smokers and yes it annoys me big time but I’m not that expressive kind of person, so I just let them be.

Smoking is not cool regardless of how you’re looking at it. It is just one silly act to fasten you meeting with “Izrail”.

Name me one place where you can’t find this “legal thing that kills”? None. It is everywhere. Gov. spent millions on a campaign, yet, it is still the best seller everywhere across Malaysia.

Why is this happening? What else need  to be done to stop people from smoke. Increasing the price has a very little effect as all this smokers is among the ‘rich’ people. Imagine They can spend hundreds/thousands per month just to channel the smoke through their lungs, keep some and throw out some afterward.

The funny thing is that they kept on complaining about the price increase of the consumer products. At the same time they happily splash their cash for this “lethal killer” as if it doesn’t cost them a penny.

Yeahh!! Lets burn them

Why don’t the Government just state it loud and clear “MEROKOK DIHARAMKAN DALAM ISLAM”. Tv commercial maybe? Instead of “Tak Nak”– ade orang atasan yg akan tersedak dengan asap rokok, maybe.

We’re living in the age of science and technology. You don’t need to be a professor or doctor to realize the effect of this “silent killer“. It is shown everywhere, even on the cigarette box itself.

So what’s your fatwa to say that “merokok tu harus/makruh”. It’s very obvious, anything that harmful for your body is considered haram in Islam.

Dan janganlah kamu mencampakkan dirimu sendiri dalam kebinasaan. (Al-Baqarah: 195)

I think it is good that the price of this thing keep on increasing. At least it contributes to countries earning (Tax). But I doubt, whether the money obtain from cigarette tax halal?

Happy smoking, smokers!


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