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19 responses to “Comments

  1. ok.. i will b the first.. haha.. *Last visited this blog – two days ago, n when i came back! aha! i missed a lot.. huhu..

  2. is that mean good??…or otherwise??…
    actually I’m doing this frequently while I’m free now..
    next few days I’m gonna be preparing for exam…

  3. owh.. patutlar.. frankly, i love ur writing.. cool jew…

  4. ixora

    err,tumpang lalu lalang ya~~ :mrgreen:

  5. sile2…jgn tanam lalang di sini ya…

  6. U have been tag! bila free.. view my blog utk tag eyk.. hehe..

  7. No problem.. I’m waiting 4 ur update too.. mesti pasal xm i guess.. huhu..

  8. yeahh2…i’m here,still breathing…

  9. wish u all the best in industry training! just RM7 per day? That really …. haha 🙂

  10. Its ok! wau! that really so not encouraging!! haha… Even if I didnt manage to get UIAM! I wont be there! doubtless!!

  11. not all the time.. my online time since my laptop broke down is between 8pm-10pm.. I dont have much patient to deal with my dumbest comp! 😛

    Yeah.. I know bout dat fact…! i have seen it on my sister’s friend! Frankly, I didnt have any intention to apply matrik.. but my teacher keep insist all of us to apply!

  12. Hey… I moved on!! hooyeah!! find me on!

  13. Yup.. My first visitor.. My first commenter!! 😛

  14. perkim

    hey, I havent ‘saw’ you since err.. how months have we not commenting each other? LOL..

  15. so, so sorry…i stop blogging for 2 months during my LI…..
    btw perkim??…is that you saffa?? Sorry for asking…

  16. aduuui… bahasa orang putih… ni yang mebuatkan aku gelabah bila gune bahas orang putih ni,, tarak paham lah.
    yus, ni kene komen site ko ke atau ape yg ko publish…
    maaflah,, kita orang melayu,, kurang sikit bahasa inggeris ni..hehe.

  17. eleh,, poyo la ayat mamat ni,,bunyi cam merajuk je kan,, yela2,, sori la ehk,, hehe.weh,, ape cerita ni dah nak abes belajar ni,, bila nak turun jhr beb,, tak rindu ke kat romate ko yang bernama din tuh…haha

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